Privacy! Its nobody's business, and nobody will ask about your scar.

Scarless Thyroid surgery -- performed via the robotic thyroidectomy method, or the transoral thyroidectomy method -- means no visible scar. It doesn't mean "smaller scar" or "minimally invasive scar" in the neck, it means ZERO scar in the neck.

This means not just a cosmetic satisfaction, but your personal privacy and confidentiality. Despite the trend in minimizing the incision sizes, also known as the “minimally invasive thyroid surgery, ” incisions and swellings can take time to heal for weeks or even months and the subsequent scar may take even longer to completely blend in. Scar remodel takes up to a year or more.

The scar is in your arm-pit for robotic thyroid surgery, or inside your lower lip for transoral thyroid surgery.

With scarless thyroid surgery, you can avoid the undesirable neck scar which can be swollen, darkened (pigmented), faded (hypopigmented), thickened, or even become a keloid (severely raised and the fibrous scar along the incision and extending beyond the incision). This can lead to unwanted and significant emotional, social, and even psychological effects in your daily life.

Nobody knows you had surgery if you don't have a big neck scar!

Scarless thyroid surgery will avoid such unnecessary stress and provide the care you need without compromising your confidentiality or privacy related to your surgery or the diagnosis whether the surgery was performed for a symptomatic thyroid nodule, functional disease of the thyroid gland, or thyroid cancer. Scarless thyroid surgery represents an important personalized treatment option for patients who value confidentiality in their personal and/or professional life.