What is Scarless Thyroid Surgery?

Scarless Thyroid Surgery is a very new method of removing some or all of the thyroid gland without leaving any scar in the neck. Most people who need thyroid surgery are candidates for scarless thyroid surgery which can be done two different ways (robotic and transoral). Both types of scarless thyroid surgery are discussed in great detail on this website although robotic thyroid surgery is by far the best choice for almost all patients. Scarless thyroid surgery is the most modern form of thyroid surgery and is only performed by a handfull of surgeons world wide. Great skill and advanced training are required.

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Scarless Thyroid Surgery Introduction

Conventional (old fashioned) thyroid surgery results in a readily visible and undesirable scar in the neck. In some people, this scar is very noticable and unatractive. Using brand new techniques invented in the past 4-5 years, thyroid surgery can be performed using various hidden-scar or scarless techniques. The two main scarless techniques are 1) robotic thyroidectomy and 2) transoral endoscopic thyroidectomy. The scarless robotic thyroidectomy uses a state-of-the-art robotic technology for treating thyroid nodules and thyroid cancers whereas the endoscopic thyroidectomy uses endoscopic camera and instruments similar to a scope used to remove gallbladders. These two advanced techniques leave the patient with zero scars in their neck, but can also provide the same high-standard results (and sometimes better!) as conventional surgery through a big neck scar.

How Does Scarless Thyroid Surgery Work?

Scarless thyroid surgery has become successful only in the past 5 years or so. A number of different surgical techniques have been tried by surgeons around the world in an effort to avoid obvious visible scars in the front of the neck. Typically these scars are present for many years and many patients become very self-concious of them. Scarless thyroid surgery entails thyroid gland dissection and removal by placing the scar in far away locations (like the skin in front of the arm-pit. Thus there is no scar at all on the neck. The goal of these scarless thyroid surgery techniques are to provide same successful outcome as the traditional surgery while providing highest cosmetic satisfaction and confidentiality benefits for the patients. Depending on the technique or approach, various benign and cancerous conditions of thyroid gland can be treated and cured. We have many pages on each of these topics, so use the navigation system or search box to find what you are looking for.

Video Explanation of Scarless Robotic Thyroid Surgery

Dr Suh - America's best and highest volume robotic thyroid surgeon - narates this short video showing how robotic thyroid surgery is performed so there is no neck scar.

Watch a video at https://www.youtube.com/embed/sL3B2kSsn6k

The Two Types of Scarless Thyroid Surgery.

There are Two Types of Scarless Thyroid Surgery.

Scarless thyroid surgery can be performed two ways depending upon where the incisions are hidden and what tools and instruments the surgeon uses. Robotic Scarless Thyroid Surgery has the scars placed primarily in the skin in the arm-pits and an operating robot is used to perform the surgery. Transoral Scarless Thyroid Surgery has the incision placed in the mouth on the inside of the lip and scopes are used, but the robot is not. In both surgical techniques the scars are hiden and very hard to see, and there are no scars at all in the neck. We have complete sections of the website on each of these two techniques, however, the robot is by far the best method for almost all patients.

  • Robotic Thyroid Surgery. The best option for almost all people who desire scarless thyroid surgery. This can be used to remove thyroid cancers, thyroid goiters, and thyroid nodules.
  • Trans-Oral Thyroid Surgery. Another option that is suitable for patients with smaller thyroid nodules. This is not an option for thyroid cancer or big tumors or goiters. Very few people should ever consider this option since the results are not nearly as good and the potential complications are higher.

If you are looking for information about scarless thyoid surgery, start by looking at Robotic Thyoid Surgery page above. This is the operation that is best for 99% of patients who want a great thyroid operation, without a scar, with the best outcomes that are as good or better than old-fashioned surgery with a big neck scar.

Most Important Scarless Thyroid Topics to Understand.

You can use the navigation bar on the left (computer) or in the drop-down tab (top right on your phone) to find all the information on scarless thyroid surgery you could ever want. We also have a search function (use the icon at top right). Here are the main topic pages that you should understand if you or a loved one needs to have thyroid surgery.
  • Who can have Robotic Thyroid Surgery. Robotic thyroid surgery can be used to remove thyroid for almost any disease, including thyroid cancers, thyroid goiters, and all thyroid nodules.
  • Outcomes following Robotic Thyroid Surgery. See how the outcomes following robotic thyroid surgery can be as good or even better than standard open (old fashioned) thyroid surgery.
  • Privacy Issues - Nobody Knows. Many patients are self conscious of the large scar on their neck for many years. Scarless thyroid surgery elminates this...nobody knows you had surgery, and nobody will ask "what's that big scar from?".
  • Robotic surgery for thyroid cancer. Many patients with thyroid cancer can be operated on and cured using advanced robotic techniques with the same long-term cure rates expected.
  • Robotic surgery for thyroid nodules. The most common reason for thyroid surgery is thyroid nodules--now there is no reason to have a big (or small) scar!

The "Suh Scarless Thyroid Center", America's Leading Robotic Thyroid Surgery Center

The Suh Scarless Thyroid Center was founded by Dr Hyun Suh, MD, FACS to provide patients with thyroid tumors, nodules, goiters and cancers with the best outcomes but without the big scar on the neck. Prior to opening the Center, Dr Suh was the Director of Endocrine Surgery at Mt Sinai Hospital in New York, and was the Director of the Endocrine Surgery Fellowship at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mt Sinai. Dr Suh learned robotic scarless thyroid surgery and transoral thyroid surgery in Korea from the surgeons who invented it. He was the first to perform robotic thyroid surgery in the US, and is by far the highest-volume and most experienced robotic scarless thyroid surgeon in the U.S.

The Suh Scarless Thyroid Center is a member of the world famous Norman/Clayman Endocrine Institute in Tampa Florida. The Institute is made up of 4 endocrine specialty centers, one for thyroid/thyroid cancer, one for scarless thyroid, one for parathyroid, and the last for adrenal surgery.