Benefits of Scarless Thyroid Surgery

There are several benefits to scarless thyroid surgery for both patients and surgeons in achieving the optimal outcome and personalized treatment for various conditions of thyroid gland. Scarless robotic thyroid surgery leaves no neck scar Beautiful neck with no scar following removal of thyroid cancer.

Cosmetic Benefit of Scarless Thyroid Surgery

The obvious benefit to scarless thyroid surgery is the cosmetic benefit of avoiding a undesirable neck scar which can be swollen, red, thickened, or even keloid (severely raised and fibrous scar along the incision and sometime extending beyond the incision site).

thyroid surgery incisions made in the front of the neck have become smaller over the past decade, however, this type of conventional surgery where a cut is made in the front of the neck will always leave a visable scar in an obvious part of your neck. Although incisions may heal well overtime, this may take several years as the scars remodel over a long period of time. This can lead to unwanted various emotional, social, and even psychological effects in your daily life.

Scarless Thyroid Surgery Preserves Confidentiality

Scarless thyroid surgery will provide the care you need without compromising your confidentiality or privacy related to your surgery or the diagnosis whether the surgery was performed due to a symptomatic thyroid nodule, functional disease of the thyroid gland, or thyroid cancer. Let's face it, it is nobody's business what happened inside of your neck. There is no reason for total strangers to stare at your neck scar. Scarless thyroid surgery represent an important personalized treatment option for patients who value confidentiality in their personal and/or professional life.

Scarless Thyroid Surgery is Minimally Invasive

Smaller scar means quicker healing and recovery. Smaller incisions generally result in less pain as well. With the advanced endoscopic and robotic instruments, the visualization and tissue dissection are enhanced leading to more precise and minimally invasive surgery.

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