Robotic and Transoral Scarless Thyroid Surger Gives No Neck Scar

Scarless robotic thyroid surgery leaves no neck scar One week after robotic scarless thyroid surgery--with no scar at al! Scarless Thyroid surgery is about having no visible scar from your surgery and being satisfied with the cosmetic outcome. Over the years, thyroid surgery incisions have become smaller, however, conventional surgery will always leave an obvious scar in your lower neck that is readily visible. With increasing concern for patient’s quality of life measures, various scarless thyroid surgery techniques have been developed over the past two decades.

Traditional thyroid surgery is performed with an incision in the lower portion of the middle of your neck. Although most of the incision scars heal well over time, a significant number of patients express concern or are self-conscious about their scars even years after their thyroid surgery. In fact, following thyroid surgery, most patients focus primarily on their incision since they are almost always cured even of thyroid cancers. Although we cannot predict, some patients may form prolonged undesirable scars. Some scars will be thickening or even form a keloid where your skin becomes very thickened beyond the small area of your incision. Some scars may be red (pigmented) or white compared to your natural skin.

Scarless Robotic Thyroid Surgery is MORE than Avoiding a Scar!

Scarless Thyroid surgery is more than avoiding visible neck scars. In traditional thryoid surgery the incisions on the skin and the underlying muscle in the neck can create a significant swelling of the underlying tissue known as the “healing ridge.” This is a natural process of wound healing where acute inflammation (edema or fluid accumulation) and fresh deposition of new collagen cause swelling and hardening of the tissue under the incisions. This can be easily felt and seen as a “lump” under the incision.

This lumpy, hard scar can be completely avoided if the thyroid surgery is perforemed robotically or transorally. The size of the swelling can vary depending on the size and the extent of the traditional thyroid surgery. Even minor bleeding under the incision can worsen this swelling and prolong the wound healing process. All of this can be avoided with Robotic Thyroid Surgery.

There are various factors that affect the wound healing including your skin biology, type or method of skin closure, the tension on the wound (traction on the wound), traumatic injury to the skin (mechanical or compromised blood supply, etc). In scarless thyroid surgery, all these variables are eliminated by completely avoiding the scar in the neck.

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