I am a 31 year old female and noticed a lump on the right side of my neck last spring. I found out that is was a nodule on my thyroid and had to be removed. I was very concerned about having a scar on my neck, since I am so young and I have a long skinny neck, therefore I researched alternate types of surgery. I decided upon Dr. Suh and the robotid thyroid surgery. This surgery entails four incisions being made, one under each armpit and on the side of each nipple. Although it sounded a bit intense and scary, I was immediately reassured by Dr. Suh's expertise in this surgery and his professionalism and caring nature. He really took the time to speak to my husband and me about how the surgery is carried out, and was very understanding of my concerns. I read a few testimonials about this type of surgery, and it seemed like the best approach for me since I wanted to avoid a scar on my neck. I took two weeks off of work to fully recovery. The first few days of recovery were somewhat uncomfortable because the bra you have to wear is tight. But as soon as I could take it off I felt much better. I was stiff for a week, but slowly got my movement back and was able to play shuffleboard during week two! (That requires a lot of arm movement) I felt completely comfortable to do yoga and run after one month. The glue on my scars came off during week three. It has now been 8 months since my surgery, and the scars on my nipples have completely faded, and there is just a very slight mark under my armpits. I continue to put on vitamin E about once a week on my scars to help the healing. I am extremely happy about the outcome of my surgery, and do not regret for a second doing this type of surgery. Dr. Suh is an extremely talented surgeon and the leading expert in this type of surgery and did an absolutely remarkable job. I was very worried about the scarring, but as I said, I can barely even notice the scars now. Dr. Suh and his team were extremely caring and supportive throughout the whole process. The nurses were the kindest I've ever experienced in a hospital. I am truly amazed with the outcome of this surgery and would highly recommend this type of surgery to anyone looking to avoid scarring on the neck. Thanks again to Dr. Suh and his team! They truly work wonders and I will be ever grateful!

C.R. Surgery I had surgery by Dr. Suh in March 2018 for a large thyroid tumor on my neck that was growing into my chest area. I went to Dr. Suh for a 2nd opinion for the surgery. My original surgeon said he would have to crack my chest in order to remove the tumor. Dr. Suh was able to remove the tumor without cracking my chest and with minimal recovery time.

Theresa Manning-LiVolsi 1/14/18 At the end July of 2017, I discovered a nodule on my thyroid gland. I had an ultrasound done, thinking it would turn out to be nothing, but was told I needed a biopsy. I had my first biopsy done, once again, thinking it would prove to be nothing. But it didn’t cooperate and I was told I had a “type IV” nodule. Subsequent biopsies and genomic testing didn’t reveal the hoped-for result. Dr Suh was very supportive of me when things became a little overwhelming, with Dr. Suh providing words of encouragement and Dr. Ness providing calming reassurance by placing his supportive hands on either side of my face and by answering questions that I had. I felt complete confidence in, and protected by, this kind man. The evening after surgery, Dr. Suh called me at home to see how I was doing, a pleasant surprise to say the least. We had a nice conversation and he seemed genuinely concerned about my welfare. Dr. Suh’s surgical expertise is obvious to me. My recovery has been very quick with very little pain. I was able to drive and telework from home two days after surgery. I made a three-and-a-half hour train trip to see Dr. Suh, on my own, three days after surgery and walked the 1.2 miles from Penn Station to 10 Union Square. Dr. Suh cleared me to start light jogging/biking that same day, so I partially jogged my way back to Penn Station to catch the train home. I would be remiss if I didn’t also mention the nursing staff. Every nurse I met was caring and respectful. They made me feel like I was a person. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Suh to any and all who are in need of thyroid surgery.

Minnie 12/27/2017 I am a 51 yr old female who underwent partial thyroidectomy by Dr. Suh’s Robotic Thyroid technique. During an ENT visit 11 yrs ago, an enlarged thyroid was discovered by accident. Since then it had been monitored through ultrasound and FNAB (Fine Needle Aspiration Biopsy) twice. Two years ago during preadmission testing for knee surgery, a large mass causing tracheal deviation was found in my chest radiograph in the neck region consistent with the enlarged thyroid. Due to the size of the mass I had difficulty sleeping for many years and was advised to remove it. I had been researching procedures where neck scars could be avoided. It was as if God answered my prayers when I found Dr. Suh. He is one of the few thyroid surgeons in the United States that performs robotic thyroid surgery or the robotic scarless thyroid procedure to avoid neck scars. During the initial consult I realized how kind, compassionate and down to earth he was and I felt I was in good hands. He removed a 7cm diameter and 70g mass from right thyroid through the axillary approach while preserving my left thyroid for normal physiological functions so that I would not need to take thyroid supplements. The mass was later consistent with initial diagnosis of benign uninodular goiter. Dr. Suh’s skills as a thyroid surgeon are unsurpassed and truly world class. I have no neck scars, my trachea is back to where it should be, and I’m sleeping better and back to my normal self in under a week’s time. Thank you Dr. Suh and your team. You are the BEST!

Sandra S. 7/5/17 I recently had a thyroidectomy performed by Dr. Suh. I cannot say enough about the kind, courteous and professional treatment that I received from him and his staff. My surgery went well and he explained everything to me both before and after my surgery. He was always available to answer my questions and concerns and his staff was the same. I had a great experience and I am happy to say that my recovery is going extremely well thanks to Dr. Suh. I highly recommend him to anyone undergoing thyroid surgery. You will be in excellent hands.

Marianne Lent 6/14/17 Dr. Hyunsuk Suh performed parathyroid surgery and thyroid surgery on my left side. The nodule had measured 5 and as Dr. Suh found no spreading of any nodules, he was able to remove only the left side of my thyroid. My thyroid should behave properly now without further meds. Dr. Suh has an outstanding bed side manner and gave me great confidence and a great sense of well-being. My recovery has been fabulous and I highly recommend Dr. Suh and his wonderful nurse, Dawn to make your experience excellent.

Jasmine 6/14/2017 My Name is Jasmine and I've been a patient of Dr.Suh since February of this year. I was referred to him because there was a nodule found on the right side of my thyroid measuring 5cm big with cancer found in it. From the day I walked into Dr. Suh's office he was on top of my case as if I was his only patient. I have nothing but positive experiences with him. The offices are extremely comfortable and clean. the receptionist are so amazing people, very professional but yet compassionate. Everything is prompt and on schedule. Even between my appointments I am able to contact Dr. Suh and he answers any of my questions and eases my concerns. His replies to my emails are always immediate and does he seem like I am of any inconvenience. Dr. Suh is also the first Doctor I have ever had that concentrated on wellness of the mind, body, and soul. Seriously, he is the first doctor that ever made me feel like having surgery was a piece of cake or being in my situation with having a thyroid cancer that I would be okay. Dr. Suh is hands-down one of the best doctors i have seen in my 27 years of life. He is extremely intelligent, compassionate and a truly OUTSTANDING doctor. I never knew anything about robotic surgery until meeting him but, when I seen how well educated he is with this type of surgery I was very opened minded and knew I was in good hands. He reassured me I wouldn't get any keloids and it would be the best surgery for me and he hasn't let me down. I definitely count myself truly lucky to have found him. His demeanor and bed-side manner is calm, positive, attentive, flexible, and personal. I truly appreciate his approach of treating me as a whole.

Sarah Bird 3/25/2017 After discovering that I had a 3cm lump on my left thyroid, I met with Dr. Hyunsuk Suh to go over my options. I was nervous about the size of the lump and the risk that it was cancerous (even though my biopsy came back benign). He was extremely thorough in walking me through my options, one of which was the robotic scarless surgery. I tend to get keloid scars and am very fair-skinned, and I really didn't want a large scar cutting across my neck. After much consideration and discussion with both Dr. Suh and my family, I chose to undergo the robotic thyroid surgery. I was pretty nervous for surgery since it was my first operation, but Dr. Suh reassured me, and knowing the he was performing the surgery gave me a lot of comfort. Now, about a week and a half post-op, I could not be happier with the results. The surgery went very smoothly, as did my recovery, and now I only have a few tiny hidden scars to prove it. I cannot thank Dr. Suh enough for recommending and performing this procedure!

Dana Sarikov 3/18/2017 Last year, a couple of months after my birthday, I was diagnosed with papillary cancer on the left side of my thyroid. Finding the right surgeon was very important to my family and me. My parents and I didn't want me to have a visible scar in the center of my neck. They found a video on youtube of a thyroid procedure that was done without scarring. I was very happy that I was a candidate for the scarless robotic procedure because if I wasn't then the scar on my neck would be much longer and more visible. (even though now it barely shows and can easily be covered with makeup) When I spoke to Dr. Hyunsuk Suh, he told me that I would be the very first patient in the United States to undergo this surgery (to take out positive lymph nodes through this procedure) I was a little hesitant but he calmed my worries and answered all my questions very thoroughly. He had done this procedure in Korea, however, not in the United States. My mother came into the OR with me (to kiss me before I went under anesthesia) and when she saw the robot she was fascinated, as was I. Dr. Suh performed the surgery. I was very thankful to Dr. Suh for being there every step of the way. The surgery took about four hours. I was in the hospital for two nights and three days. I had no bruising. I had very minimal pain that was treated with pain killers. I had to wear a specific bra with pads all over my chest for about a week. The interns and residents checked up on me everyday and made sure I was doing well. Dr. Suh came to check up on me. He had an hour conversation with my mother and me at the hospital, this really showed his care for me and his humbleness. He truly is a wonderful person and surgeon. The surgery was a success; he removed the positive lymph nodes. I was scared that I would have to have the radioactive iodine treatment again. However, he told me that I don't need to which was a big relief for me. I could not be any happier with Dr. Suh and the team for taking the time and attention to detail in making my surgery a success. I am forever grateful to Dr. Suh and the hospital for bringing this new procedure from Korea and making it a success.

Young Sook Cho 3/15/2017 When I first went to Dr. Hyunsuk Suh, I was scared and worried over the possibility of thyroid cancer after results showed my nodule grew to 5 cm. Dr. Suh instantly made me feel comfortable and gave undivided attention to examine my thyroid. I had numerous experience with doctors who dealt with patient as a routine task. I was pleasantly surprised by how much Dr. Suh cared and took all the measures to make me feel comfortable. There was no delay. All the tests were done quickly and I was scheduled for thyroidectomy in a couple days. Going into surgery, I wasn’t nearly as worried since I knew I was under the right hands of Dr. Suh, nurses, and physician assistants. Indeed, I was right! Surgery came out flawless. I fully recovered in a matter of days. I couldn’t have asked for a better doctor and staff to deal with one of my most frightening condition in my life. My family and I will always be thankful to Dr. Suh and the team!

Heather Martin 3/12/17 It is a true pleasure to be sharing my experience with Dr. Suh. At age 19, I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism, Hashimoto's Disease and Thyroid Nodules. I was told that I had a nodule that was 4.1 centimeters and that a normal thyroid was approx 4 centimeters. Combine that with the other smaller nodules, it was very enlarged and causing discomfort. Two years ago I went to my Endocrinologist and he said that it would need to be removed. We did a biopsy and thankfully, it was benign. He mentioned that there was a new procedure that he had heard about. They were removing the thyroid through your armpit. At that time my insurance wasn't accepted. I told him, I WILL wait. I did not want a scar on my neck. I have always "scared purple", and knew that I didn't want that in plain sight. At age 22, I was scouted out by one of the largest modeling agencies known globally. Life happened and it did not come to fruition. Now at age 40, two children later, I have missed that opportunity. PLEASE~ Do not get me wrong, I have always said, "If you have an ugly heart, it does not matter what you look like on the outside". I believe without a doubt, to do good, you must feel good, to feel good, you must look good. I am a Real Estate Broker and in the presence of many. I help people with making one of the most important decisions they will ever make financially. However, health and well-being are far more superior. I was so incredibly relieved there was an alternative procedure and I was able to choose. Words cannot express how personally committed I was on NOT having a scar on my neck. As my thyroid was slowly strangling me, I was still prepared to WAIT for Dr. Suh to accept my insurance. My thyroid was extremely fibrotic. I was in and out the same day, experienced very minimal pain and barely any bruising. I could not be any happier with Dr. Suh and his team for taking the time and attention to detail in making my surgery a success. He truly is a wonderful person and surgeon. I am forever grateful to Dr. Suh for pioneering this new procedure.

Tanya 2/13/2017 Review for Dr. Hyunsuk Suh and the Thyroid Program I am writing this testimony in great appreciation of my wonderful experience and to help young women and men AVOID traditional Thyroid surgeries that force you to be admitted to the hospital with drains, a lot of pain, frequent blood draws and not to mention a neck scar for the rest of your life and you will most probably be taking synthroid medication for the rest of your life because you removed all natural hormonal functions your Thyroid performs. I am a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist that required Thyroid surgery for a large goiter on the right side of my Thyroid gland. I heard of the transaxillary approach and was aware of possible brachial plexus injuries so not totally being sold, I continued my research stumbling upon Dr. Suh and a minimally invasive Robotic thyroid surgery using the "BABA Bilateral Axillo-Breast Approach". I quickly made the appointment with the Thyroid Program with Dr. Suh. My initial visit was very pleasant. The staff was very attentive and made me feel very comfortable. Although I am well aware of robotic procedures and preform them regularly, I still had some butterflies. Dr. Suh was very humble and made sure I understood what to expect from incisions to the post-operative recovery period. Day of surgery: I was preopped and seen by the surgery team and Dr. Cipolla (anesthesiologist) who was very nice and had a calm demeanor that translated throughout my perioperative experience. I have very little body fat, which was more challenging for Dr. Suh and he took his time ensuring safety and accuracy. Dr. Suh performed a robotic assisted right-sided Thyroidectomy. I maintained the left side of my Thyroid gland thereby maintaining natural Thyroid function precluding me from taking Synthroid for the rest of my life. Post Operative Period: I woke up in the recovery room NO DRAINS, NO NECK INCISION just in a sports bra with chest and neck pressure dressings. I had a sore throat partially from the endotracheal tube used for General anesthesia. I stayed a couple of hours. Dr. Suh came to check on me looked at my chest and cleared me to go home the same day. That night I had to sleep on my back with 2 pillows. I felt a little sore. I anticipated a great deal of pain the next morning so I preemptively set my alarm clock every 4hr to take the prescribed pain medication. I intermittently also took Motrin every 6hr. I didn’t sleep much but I really wanted to stay in front of the pain instead of playing catch up. Decreasing pain postoperatively allows for faster recovery. There are many benefits from deep breathing and ROM exercises that you MUST perform. Make sure you get an Incentive Spirometer when you’re discharged. You will experience a fair share of atelectasis from general anesthesia the Incentive spirometer will help re-inflate the small areas in your lungs. Post Operative day 1: I continued my pain meds as above. I was able to perform ROM exercises and rested most of the day. My sore throat continued along with soreness from required tunneling for procedure. I took Cepacol (lozenges) and had mainly broth to eat if I ate anything hard it would further irritate my throat. Post Operative day 2: I continued pain meds as above. I was able to finally shower. I allowed warm water to run over incisional areas and do some neck movements (side to side and up and down). After I showered I stuffed my sports bra with the dressings, the neck pressure dressings I discarded. My appetite improved I was able to tolerate soft food. I began over the counter stool softener because I was afraid the pain medication would cause constipation. Postoperative day 3: I was able to leave my house with minimal pain and very little soreness. My sore throat had subsided. I continued the Motrin when I felt my chest getting tight. Postoperative day 4: I was able to drive and resumed my normal sleeping position. I had very little pain I did have some numbness over my chest. I was back cooking and eating what I wanted. Postoperative follow up visit went very well. I was cleared to go back to work 9 days after surgery being mindful that I did have surgery. I know this testimony is lengthy but I truly wanted to give the reader a full scope of my perioperative experience. I highly recommend Dr. Suh and the Thyroid Program. Not only is he the only one performing this cosmetic Thyroid surgery in the U.S. he is a humble surgeon and an amazing caring person.

Sunita Chattergoon 2/7/2017 Had my thyroidectomy done by Dr. Suh . He was great surgery went well as expected. Dr Suh was very good , great explanation about surgery answer all question regarding surgery which give me great satisfaction to trust him to do my surgery. It was my first surgery every and Dr Suh gives me that hope and satification that he will do his best and he did. I would definitely recommend Dr. Suh to anyone who would ask. Staff and Medical Team was also great. Thank you Dr Suh and the medical team!

Marie J Chery Dieuve 12/29/2016 For the last 20 years I've been debating the idea of having surgery of my goiter which was getting bigger and bigger everyday. I went for surgery about 16 years ago when I decided to decline having the procedure on the day of the surgery. When I met Dr. Suh this past November he made me feel so comfortable that I had no second thought going thru with the surgery. In two days I was home recuperating. In a week I have noticed that my breathing has gotten better. The best part of my recuperation is the fact that I have started singing again. I used to sing beautifully but for the past 10 years I had lost the joy of singing in church or anywhere else. Thank to Dr. Suh I have found my voice again!

Karen Jimenez 12/10/2016 On October 26, 2016 I underwent my first ever surgical procedure at the age of 36. Of course I wish it didn’t have to happen, but after my first pregnancy a right thyroid nodule was found and was being monitored. After my second pregnancy it increased in size and surgical option was being recommended. I consulted with my ENT and inquired if she had any recommendations. I actually asked, if you had what I have, who would you go to? Without hesitation she responded Dr. Suh. I met with Dr. Suh for an initial consultation and he was the true definition of patient centered. He listen, asked how I was feeling about the recommendations and respected my feelings towards it. I was slightly ambivalent, since although the benign thyroid nodule had increased in size, my thyroid levels were normal. The other surgeon I’ve met had initially offered the traditional way through the neck, because of the size of the nodule. However, Dr. Suh told me that I was a candidate for the Robotic Thyroidectomy. He explained the procedure in great detail and related that thus far the patients that had received the surgery were very pleased with the results. I did my research on it, but because it is a new procedure Dr. Suh warned me there’s was not much information on it. Dr. Suh explained that he was the only surgeon performing this procedure and is the pioneers in this innovative procedure in the US. I felt educated enough to move forward and give this procedure a try. The procedure was a success. It took longer than expected. Post op I was alert and in recovery, Dr. Suh visited me to check in and see how I was feeling. He explained the nodule was bigger than expected and this is why the procedure lasted longer. I had four incisions, one above the areola area of the each breast and one on each axillary region of each arm. The two incisions in the breast are unnoticeable. I honestly can’t even see them. The other two you are not able to see when my arms are down, since they are located in the natural crease of the arm fold. One of the incisions is bigger than the other since that’s where the nodule was removed from. I was admitted overnight for observation and discharged the following day. I was not in any pain what so ever. I never took any pain meds that was being offered or even Motrin or Tylenol. I did have tenderness and numbness in the chest area and avoided heavy lifting or raising my arms. After about a week and moving forward I was able to do much more. The numbing feeling and tenderness of the chest is much better. I met with Dr. Suh for post-op follow up and the incisions were fully healed. Thyroid levels are within normal range and therefor medication is not required at this time. So for me it’s been a win, win situation. I was extremely grateful and pleased with the results. The professionalism and patient center approach from Dr. Suh and the team was beyond exceptional. I sincerely appreciate all of your hard work in making this process such a pleasant experience for me. Without a doubt, I would recommend Dr. Suh and the procedure to anyone requiring a thyroidectomy. Thank you to everyone involved in my care for your dedicated work.

Unknown 12/8/2016 I am a 34 yr. old female, who was being monitored for approximately 2 years over at Montefiore. My Doctor recommended thyroid surgery from our first initial visit as the thyroid was biennial after the biopsy results came back but the size of my nodule on my right side was of concern. I refused to do the surgery as I was overly concern of my appearance especially at my young age. I did not want to have a scar on my neck especially since I did not have Cancer or any other severe medical condition nor find it appealing to walk around with a scar on my neck. We agreed to follow up every 6 months to monitor the growth of the mass and each appointment she insisted on having the surgery but I kept on refusing. We spoke about other alternatives and that’s when she mentioned that there is a new technique evolving, which is called Robotic Thyroid Surgery or robotic thyroidectomy. After our fourth visit she recommended me to Dr. Randall Owen of Mt. Sinai for a 2nd opinion as I refused Thyroid Surgery. Upon meeting Dr. Owen he advised me that the nodule had continued to grow and referred me to Dr. Hyunsuk Suh, MD for his experience in Robotic Surgery. Dr. Suh is my HERO!!!! He saved me from having self-esteem issues, and gave me HOPE. Though I did have a crash course in our initial visit as my nodule was almost at his maximum growth size to operate, I went in for my 3rd opinion and left with a schedule surgery date. Dr. Suh is an amazing individual he took his time and explained every detail, step by step along with the pros and the cons of surgery and everything in between that we as human can think of. On the day of my surgery, everything went as planned as I was left with 4 extremely tiny incisions, 2 around the areola of each breast and 1 under each side of my arm pit, which actually is unrecognizable because he makes the incision so tiny on the breast and on the folds of your arm that it just blends in. I had no pain in my throat beside the norm of just being out of surgery. I slept like a baby the night of surgery and actually was fully functional to go out that same week. I had no limitation or soreness in my arms and had full range and sensation. I had my surgery on a Wednesday and was able to celebrate my best friend birthday that very same Saturday of that week. At the party no one noticed anything different beside the volume of my voice being low which Dr. Suh informed me that it was normal. My voice came fully back in about a week and I was ready to return to work in no time. Dr. Suh and his staff did an impeccable job in my treatment faze and guided me every step of the way! I’ am truly happy with my results today and blessed to have been introduced to Dr. Suh!!

LR I had a 8-centimeter right thyroid gland removed by Dr. Suh in the Summer of 2016. Dr. Suh was very patient with me and calmed down my worries by giving clear answers to all my questions--big and small. The cut on my neck was very small considering the size of the thyroid gland and is almost invisible now (three months after the surgery). I only experienced pain for two days after the surgery. I am highly recommending Dr. Suh for a thyroid surgery.

Tatyana 4/13/2016 I recently had a surgery with Dr. Suh. My GP recommended Dr. Suh was the best in the city. I made an appointment with Dr. Hyunsuk Suh and my very first impression was that he is very professional and experienced. More importantly he is very attentive to his patients. It’s worth mentioning that Dr Suh is an assistant professor of surgery. What I liked the most is the fact that he discussed every little detail with me and suggested ways to treat my disease, so it was easy for me to decide and go for the procedure he recommended - robotic surgery as to avoid having scar on my neck. My surgery went well and I returned home the same day, no pain except when I swallowed. I returned to work 10 days later. It’s been 2 months since my surgery and I feel great. My scars - 4 incisions - 2 on underarms and 2 on nipples are barely visible. I am a healthy and happy person. I would recommend Dr Hyunsuk Suh to anyone. You will be in every good and reliable hands. I hope my feedback is helpful. I wish you all good luck

Grateful patient experiences quick recovery after robotic surgery I had my surgery robotically by Dr. Suh. I cannot thank Dr. Suh and all the nurses, residents and doctors enough. The experience as far as surgery is concerned was great. I was attended to by everyone in the nicest way possible. The surgery itself is relatively uneventful with some pain after surgery, easily relieved by medication and, in my case, non-narcotic medication. I went home after one day and spent a week at home recovering. I am a 65 year old triathlete and I am training for ironman competitions just two weeks after the surgery I was back to swimming, biking and running this weekend albeit on a light, limited basis. This Saturday, three weeks after the surgery, I am going to Italy. The team is not only fantastic but they are incredibly nice. I cannot recommend them enough.”

Robotic surgery by Dr. Suh “Dr. Hyunsuk Suh is a world class surgeon. Dr. Suh is compassionate, caring, and always available for questions. He operated on me on a day he usually does not operate. He assured me from my first visit what to expect, and showed me the robot he would use to do the operation. He truly is a master at his craftsmanship. Rest assured that you will receive the best of care. I rate him a “million plus.” Thank you, Dr. Suh, for all you have done for me and my family. You are the Michael Jordan of surgeons. God Bless you for everything you have done to restore me to being whole.”

C.W. "Dr. Hyunsuk Suh is not only a brilliant and gifted surgeon who has pioneered new methods of endocrine surgery, he is also an extremely caring and warm Doctor who makes his patients feel comfortable and valued. It's not an exaggeration to say Dr. Suh saved the quality of my life. He performed both parathyroid and adrenal surgery on me, giving me relief from a myriad of symptoms. My daily debilitating migraines stopped the day after I had parathyroid surgery! Dr. Suh listens to his patients, is polite and respectful, and is extraordinarily talented as a surgeon. My scars are extremely small and not even noticeable, despite the fact that the scar on my neck is right in the front. I really can't say enough about this Doctor! Suffering with endocrine symptoms for years is extremely difficult, and having a doctor who is kind and understanding as well as talented is so helpful. I owe a lot to Doctor Suh and his wonderful assistant Nicole! If I ever need further endocrine surgery, I won't hesitate to call Doctor Suh immediately."

Life-changing results after parathyroid surgery at Mount Sinai “Dr. Suh performed my parathyroid surgery in August 2017. Before surgery he explained everything to me and made me feel at ease about the surgery. His calm demeanor made me feel comfortable during my office visits and on the day of surgery. It’s been six months and my symptoms such as exhaustion, restless sleep, and memory loss have all gone away since my surgery. I would highly recommend him to anyone considering surgery.”

Successful Thyroidectomy by Dr. Suh - June 2019 "Dr. Hyunsuk Suh is an excellent surgeon and a very lovely person. He removed my thyroid because of a cancerous tumor. I had an exceptionally easy and speedy recovery. He explained everything both before and after the surgery. He is so kind and considerate with a most pleasant demeanor. He even called me at home the day after surgery to find out how I was faring."

Successful Management of a Thyroid Carcinoma "I had my right thyroid surgery in April 2019 by Dr. Hyunsuk Suh. Weeks before surgery my wife and I met with Dr. Suh, where he explained the findings from the previous testing, then explained the procedure to us and let us decide whether to continue with the surgery - without pressure or scare tactics. His whole staff made sure that I was made comfortable from beginning to the end. During the follow up a week later he explained the findings from the pathologist. Even though there was a 1cm Thyroid Carcinoma it was contained and completely removed with no further medical complications. Thank you Dr. Suh."

Dr. Suh removes large thyroid mass using robotic thyroid surgery technique, avoiding a scar on the neck “I am a 51 yr old female who underwent partial thyroidectomy by Dr. Suh’s Robotic Thyroid surgery technique. During an ENT visit 11 yrs ago, an enlarged thyroid was discovered by accident. Since then it had been monitored through ultrasound and FNAB (Fine Needle Aspiration Biopsy) twice. Two years ago during preadmission testing for knee surgery, a large mass causing tracheal deviation was found in my chest radiograph in the neck region, consistent with the enlarged thyroid. Due to the size of the mass, I had difficulty sleeping for many years and was advised to remove it. I had been researching procedures where neck scars could be avoided. It was as if God answered my prayers when I found Dr. Suh. He is one of the few thyroid surgeons in the United States who performs robotic thyroid surgery to avoid neck scars. During the initial consult I realized how kind, compassionate and down to earth he was and I felt I was in good hands. He removed a 7cm diameter and 70g mass from my right thyroid through the axillary approach while preserving my left thyroid for normal physiological functions so that I would not need to take thyroid supplements. The mass was later consistent with initial diagnosis of benign uninodular goiter. Dr. Suh’s skills as a thyroid surgeon are unsurpassed and truly world-class. I have no neck scars, my trachea is back to where it should be, and I’m sleeping better and back to my normal self in under a week’s time. Thank you, Dr. Suh and your team. You are the BEST!”