Is Robotic Thyroid Surgery Good for Thyroid Cancer?

Robotic thyroid surgery, when performed by an endocrine surgeon who is also an expert in robotic surgery can be expected to be as good, or even better than traditional thyroid surgery. Currently, robotic thyroid surgery and the traditional open thyroid surgery have same safety and outcome for appropriate candidates. Robotic thyroid surgery, however, has clear cosmetic and confidentiality benefits.

Robotic thyroid surgery inside view Robotic surgery gives an amazing view of the muscles around the thyroid showing that all of the cancer has been removed. Furthermore, robotic surgery technology for thyroid (and other cancers and tumors) is continuously evolving with more enhanced software and hardware leading to better visualization (3-D and magnified) including a near infrared camera system for image-guided operation, specialized energy devices and advanced instruments to assist with dissection and gentle tissue handling.

Robotic Thyroid Surgery can be Better than Traditional Thyroid Surgery in Many Patients

The familiar view and orientation of the key structures in thyroid surgery along with the advanced instruments will provide the best outcome in robotic thyroid surgery, but only if you have a robotic surgeon who was an accomplished thyroid surgeon previously.

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