The Suh Scarless-Thyroid Surgery Center: A Better Model for Thyroid Surgery for Many Patients

Dr. Suh left Mt Sinai Hospital in NYC in early 2020 to found, direct and serve as Robotic Surgeon-in-Chief of the Suh Scarless Thyroid Surgery Center in Tampa, Florida. Dr Suh works very closely and collaboratively with the three other world’s best programs in endocrine tumor disease and surgery: the Clayman Thyroid Cancer Center, the Norman Parathyroid Center and the Carling Adrenal Center. Thus, the four leading endocrine surgeons in the world for thyroid, parathyroid, and adrenal joined together in Tampa, Florida to provide the most advanced and highest quality endocrine surgery available.

Have Your Robotic or Transoral Thyroid Surgery with Dr. Suh

The surgeons at the Suh Scarless Thyroid Surgery Center take great pride not only in being the most knowledgeable and technically most skillful scarless thyroid surgeons in the world, but also having great bedside manners, treating each patient as family.

We have an entire page that discusses how to travel to Tampa to have Dr. Suh perform your robotic or transoral thyroid operation.

Dr. Carling performing a right Mini Back Scope Adrenalectomy (MBSA). Dr. Suh performing a Trans-Oral Thyroidectomy. We take great pride in being the global center of excellence for both Robotic thyroid surgery and transoral thyroid surgery--the two types of scarless thyroid surgery. We are completely dedicated to the mission of patient care, science and education. When it comes to patient care, we treat our patients as family members. From the day you call, email or contact us in any other way you are part of our thyroid family.

99% of Thyroid Surgeons Have Never Performed a Robotic or Transoral Thyroid Operation. Scarless thyroid surgery is very new and only a handful of surgeons have ever performed either of these two techniques. Some surgeons who claim to perform robotic or transoral thyoid surgery have performed only a few cases--and the outcomes for these patients is not as good as it would be if the operation was performed by an expert who performs robotic and/or transoral surgery almost daily.

It is Almost Always WorthWhile to Travel to See Us

In today’s healthcare environment with increasing insurance premiums, cost of healthcare, and difficulty with access to healthcare, we believe we are a complete game-changer when it comes to scarless thyroid surgery. We are not only better, safer, more efficient, but we are also friendlier!

What Makes Dr Suh the Best Choice for Robotic and Transoral Thyroid Surgery?

Our scarless thyroid operations are unlike thyroid surgery performed by 99 percent of surgeons elsewhere in the world. Most perform thyroid surgery with a large insicion in the front of the neck. We work side by side the most experienced thyroid cancer surgeon in the world--Dr Gary Clayman--who is the head of our sister center the Clayman Thyroid Surgery Center. Together, we will chose the best operation for every patient. Some patients will be better served with an operation throught the front of the neck to be sure the entire mass or cancer is removed. However, some will be better served with a scarless approach that can remove the thryoid mass or thyroid cancer without a scar.

We Have More Experience. It has long been known that the best surgical outcomes are achieved by high-volume specialty surgeons. The only way to achieve very high initial and longterm success rates is to have a surgeon who has done the operation hundreds of times--performing scarless surgery multiple times per week, not several per year.

Nobody is Learning on Your Robotic or Trans-Ooral Thyroid Operation! All university hospitals and hospitals associated with medical schools require that surgeons in training (surgery interns, residents and fellows) perform most or all of the thyroid operation. This is great for them, but not great for you. We would not let a resident operate on us or any of our family members, so we don't do it for our patients. There is nobody learning how to perform thyroid surgery on you if you come here--the outcomes are simply not as good! Operations with residents take 3 to 4 times as long, have higher complication rates, higher infection rates, and lower cure rates. We understand that nobody is traveling a long distance to have surgeons-in-training perform their operation.

Two Surgeons in Every Operation. Another unique feature of our operations and every operation at our institute is that every patient has two surgeons in their operation. That means two endocrine-specific surgeons who are both experts in the operation you are having. and the Suh Scarless Thyroid Center represent the North American Center of excellence for robotic thyroid surgery. As you will learn, robotic and transoral thyroid surgery are very tricky for those that do not know what there are doing but very straightforward, easy, safe and fast if you have an experienced team and surgeon. You need the most experienced surgeon in the world to perform your or your loved one’s operation.

We have an entire page that discusses how to travel to Tampa to have Dr Suh perform your scarless thyroid operation.

The Suh Scarless Thyroid Center is a member of the world famous Norman/Clayman Endocrine Institute in Tampa Florida. The Institute is made up of 4 endocrine specialty centers, one for thyroid/thyroid cancer, one for scarless thyroid, one for parathyroid, and the last for adrenal surgery.